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by Anonymous gave Bursledon Surgery a rating of 5 stars

A brilliant medical centre

I have had a number of health issues over two years and some that have involved chronic back pain from a sports injury.

I have been using the online forms to get my doctor's opinion and each time, I have received not only a prompt reply from the medical secretary or the reception staff, who have given me appointments where possible, as quickly as they could do so.

The doctor has been exceptionally understanding and has helped me to change my own health management for the better.

The practice manager and his team are very polite, helpful and will go out of their way to help anyome and really make this centre fantastic.

My family and I feel we are extremely lucky to have the doctor and her very competent team look after us. I'm forever grateful to the doctor for all her insightful advice and careful management of my health.

Thanks to her, I have my blood pressure under control, my weight under control and my other health problems dealt with in a systematic but very careful way.

She has been able to refer me where possible after taking my health concerns seriously.

She is a very kind, a very competent and a very gifted GP who has worked very hard to help my family and others.

Two of my neighbours also say she has saved their lives and if it hadn't been for her, both would have been fatalities because their conditions needed quick and accurate diagnosis to save them.

Thank you to the doctor and your team for being here for us all. You are a wonderful medical centre and Dr and what makes the NHS so superb.

Visited in November 2018, Posted on 12 November 2018

by NC gave Bursledon Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Going above and beyond.

I was called to my sons school at 12.30 today to look at a 'personal' injury he had recieved. It was clear it would need very urgent attention and I asked the school if they could phone the surgery and tell them i was coming in now and needed to see someone. I knew the practice closed at 1 so wanted to get there if I could. I knew I was not following normal procedure and that it was even pushing time but I was prepared to argue my case on behalf of my son if required. However, the practice team were amazing. They were all empathetic, kind, understanding and happy to help. The doctor saw my son as an emergency, in her own time and dealt with with him sensitively and age appropriately. She promptly referred him to the appropriate team at the hospital and he was seen quickly at the hospital as a result. I am very grateful for the professionalism of the surgery this afternoon and extremely happy with their standard of customer service. Thank you x

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 05 October 2018